After Removal of the $15 Minimum Wage Feature, What’s Next for Democrats?

Truth be told, Democrats who legislate in the premises of the Capitol Hill premises are trying to make history in their favor. They understand that the Republican Party is presently in disarray and are trying to win over the hearts and minds of the populace. The red-colored guys are trying to do this by making legislatures that ease the burden on the masses.

How the Republicans Are Frustrating the Positive Plans of Democrats

The republican counterparts in the house understand what is at stake and are trying to reduce the positive influence of the red-colored guys. The intent is to have leverage in the next election.

For instance, almost immediately after Joe Biden resumed office, he came up swiftly with a massive stimulus package intended to get the nation’s economy back on its feet. However, the plan to sign this policy into law has been frustrated by several factions of the republicans.

While a good number of them agree that the nation needs such legislation, they insist that certain features of the bill have to be taken out. The point they are trying to drive out is that the nation has been stretched fiscally and crisis management requires spending small.

Despite the president's several meetings with republican lawmakers to explain the need for such legislation, all seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

As a result, the Democrats have had to take out a very vital feature of the entire bill at least – the $15 minimum wage.

How will the Democrats Go About Removed Key Features?

The negative bipartisan approach to the business of legislature is certainly affecting the American economy from the look of things. However, the Democrats are not going to back down by strategically planning their moves.

For instance, the red-colored guys are planning to come up with the $15 minimum wage as a separate bill soon.

Additionally, the possibility of coming up with a wealth tax bill is likely going to come up anytime soon. This bill will ensure that people who have financial turnovers exceeding some massive numbers give back civilly to the development of society. It is a legislature that is currently at work in places like Argentina and Singapore.

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