How Facebook Portal and Video Chat Gadget may not be a Business Friendly Model

This tech giant is well known for its social media platform that has even been able to hold the Australian government to ransom. However, outside their massive social media influence, how impactful is Facebook in other tech business activities.

In this report, we analyze one of the latest gadgets manufactured by the tech giant and how it may not be a business-friendly model for users.

How About Facebook’s Portal and Video Chat Gadget

In many ramifications, this new gadget by the tech giant is one of a kind. This does not mean that the world has not seen something similar with competition from Apple and Amazon in the market. As a matter of fact, the gadget makes use of one of the amazing Amazon-designed voice recognition software – Axela.

The portal and video chat gadget is a product with the primary aim of making the video chatting experience a pleasant one. It does this by ensuring that the user can do a lot of things without bothering about the placement of the device.

For instance, the design of the primary software allows it to follow the users when they make movements during the video chat. As a result, people can go on with some regular activities without bothering about the position of the gadget.

As things are, there are 2 options as regards the size available. The first is 10 inches while the second is 15 inches.

Doesn’t Seem Budget-Friendly

A tech manufacturer and resource person explained the situation with this product when he said that “Facebook has to learn how to thrive in the tech market outside its social media platform. To do this, they need to understand their target audience and how much these guys are willing to spend on getting gadgets of such. The 10-inch and 15-inch gadgets sell for $199 and $349 respectively and this is something pretty much on the high side for many users”.

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