United Nations not in the Dark Concerning Violent Crackdown in Myanmar

The United Nations and its member communities are not in the dark about the intensifying situations in Myanmar. As things are, the nation is experiencing an all-new level of bloodshed and violence as military and civilian security agents are clashing with protesters daily.

An All-New Level of Violence

As the international community is well aware, the reason for the rising level of violence can be traced to the activities of the military interfacing with democratic processes in the nation. This is in light of how the newly democratically elected officials were thrown out of power in a bloodless coup.

As stated by the military dictators, the acclaimed reason for this was irregularities and malpractices in the last concluded elections. This is something that they have not been able to prove. To further complicate matters, the military administrators have arrested and detained some civilian administrators.

All these have made the people of Myanmar cry out in desperation. They have and continue to do this by defying the odds as they come out to protest the actions of the military administrators.

This is even though newer sanctions have been formulated against protesters who are apprehended.

A credible report stated that no fewer than 50 people have lost their lives demanding the reinstallation of the democratic government and release of key civilian officials that are being detained.

Why the Citizens of Myanmar Are Not Backing Down Despite Rising Levels of Violence

As explained by a protest leader, “no one wants to end his/her life fighting for the reinstallation of the democratic government. The problem is that our nation has a long-standing history of military dictatorship that has ruined us.

As a result, this is a sensitive period. If we don’t stand up for what is right and against the civil vices perpetrated by these dictators in uniform, the narrative will not change anytime soon… so, we have to stand up for the next generation, we have to face the heat and die if need be… it is the only way things will turn out well in this nation. It is what every well-meaning citizen of Myanmar understands”.